Studio1.1, January 2023

Peter Bond, Christine Binnie, Jennifer Binnie, Jim Brook, Daniel Devlin, Steven Emmanuel, Warren Garland, Stephen Harwood, Kevin Harrison, Sadie Hennessy, David Hoyle, Keran James, Wilma Johnson, Lady Lucy, Jordan McKenzie, Nicholas Moore, Pascal Rousson, Scott Robertson & Paul Sakoilsky

Curated by Stephen Harwood

Taking its title from successive suggestions in predictive text, Shot, Pint, Riot unites a disparate group of artists committed to communicating directly—artists making use of text, or working with / presenting imagery that has a message beyond sloganeering. Art that has something to say even if it’s not always easy or comfortable to read.

London Art Roundup—The street art spirit is kicking and screaming inside two small rooms overflowing with works from 19 artists who’ve made pieces that primarily communicate via the written word. Ok, not all the art. Some is just Schnauzer dogs made from string. And a rather gruesome video piece, that might just be a medical archive of a cataract extraction, is curiously soundtracked by The Stripper song. (Trust me, you know the song.) The works are sarcastic, irreverent, occasionally confrontational but above all, fun. This ain’t no Mayfair gallery show. Curated by Stephen Harwood (@stephenharwoodartist).

Exhibition Installation | Opening Night & Performance