C O N S T R U C T I O N S, Oil on Canvas, (2018)
C O N S T R U C T I O N S, Oil on Canvas (2018)

Falling somewhere between reality and fiction, my work explores the mysteries of English landscape. I am interested in places that are in some way agitated or persuasive, or that possess qualities that may not be immediately identifiable or explicable; places loaded with histories and associations (some barely perceptible or ‘only in the eye of the beholder’, some immersive and inescapable).

I engage with such locations through a process of reimagining. In this way, my paintings, drawings and films become an interpretative mirror or filter: an investigation of place that aims for a shared (historical) vantage point. There is a figurative element, too, when the location demands it. Adolescent males are invoked, and situated centre-stage; becoming the spirit of place, or genius loci, in the midst of their own developmental becoming.

The resulting images are perhaps latent landscapes; the reverse or underside of the superficial view, enabling place / landscape to reveal both itself, and our situation within it, anew.

Stephen is an MA graduate of Central St Martins and lives and works in Hackney, East London.